Friday 29th of September 2023 Biggest Gainers
Top Gaining US Stocks — TradingView

US stocks that've increased the most in price

If you have a strong business, perfectly designed, expertly executed, then its share price can soar far above the market average, towards the shining sun of all time highs. But — just like Icarus — the wax can also melt and the wings also fail, and its price plummet, down and down to the waiting ocean. The moral of the story is: while top gainers can represent opportunities to trade bullish momentum, they can also represent a peak, and could just as easily see a future decline in share price. It's down to your skill as a trader to make the best call as to what the reality is most likely, based on all the information laid out before you.

Change % 1D
Volume 1D
Market cap
EPS diluted
EPS diluted growth %
Dividend yield %
Analyst Rating
CHSChico's FAS, Inc.
63.12%7.52 USD54.035M928.251M USD7.061.07 USD24.94%0.00%Retail Trade
AXLAAxcella Health Inc.
52.97%10.57 USD5.991M31.157M USD−19.14 USD55.84%0.00%Health Technology
AYTUAytu BioPharma, Inc.
39.06%2.67 USD6.34M10.093M USD−51.13 USD32.81%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
SLNOSoleno Therapeutics, Inc.
33.48%27.59 USD9.079M275.684M USD−3.04 USD23.61%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
ORGOOrganogenesis Holdings Inc.
27.92%3.39 USD3.61M445.147M USD44.780.08 USD−86.19%0.00%Health Technology
JGGCJaguar Global Growth Corporation I
22.64%6.50 USD191.746K115.316M USD35.560.18 USD147.36%0.00%Finance
NPCENeuropace, Inc.
21.70%9.31 USD38.598K240.753M USD−1.70 USD3.54%0.00%Health Technology
LUMOLumos Pharma, Inc.
20.49%3.47 USD31.766K27.536M USD−3.85 USD−12.09%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
GFORGraf Acquisition Corp. IV
20.43%7.90 USD62.918K81.954M USD−0.19 USD−140.75%0.00%Finance
CHSNChanson International Holding
19.18%3.48 USD499.764K44.37M USD−0.10 USD0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
JBLJabil Inc.
18.80%124.95 USD7.087M16.354B USD20.796.01 USD−13.09%0.30%Electronic Technology
MDWDMediWound Ltd.
18.15%10.87 USD95.203K100.065M USD−3.42 USD5.77%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
BEEPMobile Infrastructure Corporation
17.10%3.63 USD69.652K54.371M USD25.620.14 USD0.00%Finance
17.05%22.45 USD49.148K179.6M USD0.00%Health Technology
AMPGAmplitech Group, Inc.
16.96%2.00 USD158.333K19.279M USD−0.14 USD64.02%0.00%Electronic Technology
Strong Buy
OPOceanPal Inc.
16.30%2.14 USD428.574K7.596M USD−12.03 USD86.02%0.00%Transportation
SASISigma Additive Solutions, Inc.
15.77%3.45 USD436.596K2.109M USD−13.87 USD22.53%0.00%Technology Services
IDEXIdeanomics, Inc.
15.63%2.22 USD622.886K26.627M USD−493.34 USD−530.88%0.00%Consumer Durables
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.
14.99%4.68 USD45.48M17.982B USD15.890.29 USD−5.97%2.38%Consumer Services
RYZBRayzeBio, Inc.
14.34%22.01 USD504.989K1.281B USD0.00%Health Technology
KAKineta, Inc.
13.87%3.12 USD69.759K30.48M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
GREEGreenidge Generation Holdings Inc.
12.63%4.28 USD315.067K30.973M USD−5.24 USD82.42%0.00%Technology Services
Strong Buy
BTMBitcoin Depot Inc.
12.44%2.53 USD80.174K145.562M USD−0.66 USD0.00%Finance
Strong Buy
USACUSA Compression Partners, LP
12.43%25.41 USD1.668M2.497B USD698.080.04 USD9.29%Industrial Services
VFSVinFast Auto Ltd.
11.94%12.56 USD5.061M59.598B USD68.520.18 USD−28.65%0.00%Consumer Durables
SIFSIFCO Industries, Inc.
11.88%3.39 USD77.182K20.705M USD0.00%Electronic Technology
NMRANeumora Therapeutics, Inc.
11.84%13.22 USD366.774K2.009B USD0.00%Health Technology
SONDSonder Holdings Inc.
11.81%6.72 USD72.167K74.005M USD−1.29 USD49.89%0.00%Finance
APCXAppTech Payments Corp.
11.67%3.54 USD163.737K65.574M USD−1.17 USD−1.26%0.00%Finance
LZMLifezone Metals Limited
11.20%15.49 USD762.318K1.23B USD1370.800.01 USD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong Buy
IFRXInflaRx N.V.
10.90%2.95 USD155.537K173.706M USD−0.62 USD55.96%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
PYXSPyxis Oncology, Inc.
10.87%2.04 USD171.293K89.499M USD−2.84 USD−5.52%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
CFFECF Acquisition Corp. VIII
10.77%18.00 USD9.64K148.079M USD−0.37 USD−374.25%0.00%Finance
BHVNBiohaven Ltd.
10.54%26.01 USD2.675M1.777B USD−6.32 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
OMHOhmyhome Limited
10.51%2.84 USD183.482K54.102M USD0.00%Finance
TSBXTurnstone Biologics Corp.
10.36%3.73 USD41.236K90.248M USD0.00%Health Technology
CAASChina Automotive Systems, Inc.
10.00%3.96 USD123.956K119.535M USD4.140.96 USD110.57%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
MRTXMirati Therapeutics, Inc.
9.99%45.35 USD1.877M3.17B USD−12.82 USD−8.20%0.00%Health Technology
SPWHSportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc.
9.89%4.11 USD1.461M153.654M USD34.220.12 USD−94.52%0.00%Retail Trade
APMAptorum Group Limited
9.73%2.47 USD1.459K9.789M USD−2.74 USD−270.73%0.00%Health Technology
FNGRFingerMotion, Inc.
9.52%5.75 USD810.485K301.613M USD−0.16 USD−23.25%0.00%Technology Services
Strong Buy
TCSContainer Store (The)
9.50%2.19 USD406.396K112.549M USD−3.69 USD−349.00%0.00%Retail Trade
SWIMLatham Group, Inc.
9.41%2.79 USD397.853K320.407M USD−0.14 USD−7.42%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
METXBTC Digital Ltd.
9.14%2.03 USD11.794K3.104M USD0.00%Commercial Services
PROKProKidney Corp.
9.03%4.71 USD671.245K1.108B USD−0.60 USD−122.28%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
FTLFFitLife Brands, Inc.
9.02%18.85 USD42.277K83.81M USD24.360.77 USD−23.62%0.00%Health Technology
ACAXAlset Capital Acquisition Corp.
9.02%10.64 USD9.055K49.008M USD94.080.11 USD0.00%Finance
9.00%2.30 USD656.52K85.504M USD3.360.68 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
GHGuardant Health, Inc.
8.83%30.06 USD3.285M3.538B USD−4.92 USD9.13%0.00%Health Services
Strong Buy
SPHSuburban Propane Partners, L.P.
8.79%15.96 USD2.133M1.014B USD11.441.40 USD−49.82%8.86%Distribution Services
TRTTrio-Tech International
8.74%6.84 USD109.007K28.021M USD18.430.37 USD−36.12%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
WVEWave Life Sciences Ltd.
8.71%5.74 USD1.304M568.164M USD−1.35 USD31.84%0.00%Health Technology
FUSNFusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
8.64%2.64 USD31.662K182.154M USD−1.93 USD−10.17%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
ELLOEllomay Capital Ltd
8.61%15.76 USD721202.557M USD31.810.50 USD0.00%Utilities
TDUPThredUp Inc.
8.59%3.92 USD610.251K413.439M USD−0.80 USD2.96%0.00%Retail Trade
MLGOMicroAlgo, Inc.
8.57%2.28 USD770.06K99.993M USD0.00%Technology Services
MLECMoolec Science SA
8.48%3.07 USD1.288K115.31M USD0.00%Commercial Services
Strong Buy
RPHMReneo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
8.40%8.13 USD192.38K274.8M USD−2.34 USD−17.29%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
SUNSunoco LP
8.26%51.22 USD1.934M5.146B USD15.273.36 USD−38.63%7.05%Distribution Services
ALURAllurion Technologies, Inc.
8.21%4.22 USD81.192K196.089M USD−0.25 USD−213.73%0.00%Health Technology
RMTIRockwell Medical, Inc.
8.11%2.00 USD381.423K56.979M USD−0.88 USD73.74%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
NCNOnCino, Inc.
8.10%31.62 USD1.575M3.57B USD−0.65 USD12.26%0.00%Technology Services
IONQIonQ, Inc.
8.08%15.39 USD15.514M3.118B USD−0.57 USD−6.97%0.00%Electronic Technology
RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.
8.05%3.49 USD998.723K228.049M USD27.880.13 USD0.00%Process Industries
Strong Buy
NOTEFiscalNote Holdings, Inc.
8.02%2.02 USD557.567K260.286M USD−2.33 USD−1022.02%0.00%Technology Services
Strong Buy
SPTSprout Social, Inc
8.00%51.32 USD1.41M2.86B USD−0.89 USD−17.50%0.00%Technology Services
Strong Buy
SSYSStratasys, Ltd.
7.84%13.21 USD2.803M913.154M USD−0.65 USD37.59%0.00%Electronic Technology
MONDMondee Holdings, Inc.
7.74%3.48 USD905.026K294.702M USD−1.47 USD−1315.50%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong Buy
JILLJ. Jill, Inc.
7.58%29.68 USD93.337K314.688M USD14.332.07 USD−37.43%0.00%Retail Trade
ATUSAltice USA, Inc.
7.48%3.45 USD3.932M1.569B USD−0.01 USD−100.54%0.00%Communications
GAIAGaia, Inc.
7.44%2.60 USD13.955K55.002M USD−0.30 USD−301.09%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong Buy
SMWBSimilarweb Ltd.
7.43%5.78 USD35.932K441.787M USD−0.75 USD36.93%0.00%Technology Services
Strong Buy
AAAlcoa Corporation
7.40%28.14 USD7.998M5.022B USD−8.15 USD−259.86%1.53%Non-Energy Minerals
CDLXCardlytics, Inc. Common Stock
7.33%16.41 USD598.945K619.054M USD−11.43 USD−155.51%0.00%Technology Services
TOPTOP Financial Group Limited
7.28%5.01 USD331.978K175.373M USD52.190.10 USD0.00%Finance
AAOIApplied Optoelectronics, Inc.
7.20%11.02 USD2.229M367.435M USD−2.41 USD−8.33%0.00%Electronic Technology
BKTIBK Technologies Corporation
7.17%12.11 USD13.997K41.225M USD−1.76 USD46.79%5.31%Electronic Technology
IMNMImmunome, Inc.
7.15%8.09 USD82.477K98.718M USD−2.20 USD26.38%0.00%Health Technology
RENBRenovaro Biosciences Inc.
7.11%4.07 USD111.631K237.214M USD−2.00 USD−157.86%0.00%Health Technology
LFMDLifeMD, Inc.
7.09%5.89 USD817.714K212.233M USD−1.05 USD49.25%0.00%Health Services
Strong Buy
BIGBig Lots, Inc.
7.08%4.84 USD2.232M141.302M USD−19.65 USD−986.72%26.55%Retail Trade
MARAMarathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
6.99%8.57 USD24.186M1.498B USD−3.95 USD−98.18%0.00%Technology Services
RFILRF Industries, Ltd.
6.99%2.91 USD18.392K29.944M USD−0.17 USD−198.30%0.00%Electronic Technology
Strong Buy
ASANAsana, Inc.
6.96%18.44 USD4.302M4.051B USD−1.55 USD21.35%0.00%Technology Services
PLLPiedmont Lithium Inc.
6.95%39.38 USD339.957K755.934M USD−0.70 USD−10616.92%0.00%Process Industries
Strong Buy
EEXEmerald Holding, Inc.
6.86%4.52 USD177.404K284.203M USD33.430.14 USD0.00%Commercial Services
Strong Buy
RMBLRumbleOn, Inc.
6.85%6.08 USD123.683K101.67M USD−19.48 USD−4311.50%0.00%Retail Trade
CNXCConcentrix Corporation
6.84%79.03 USD1.167M4.114B USD11.836.68 USD−22.51%1.49%Commercial Services
SFWLShengfeng Development Limited
6.64%13.00 USD565.216K1.079B USD0.00%Transportation
6.64%74.72 USD3.668M8.665B USD104.900.71 USD−88.15%0.00%Transportation
RXTRackspace Technology, Inc.
6.51%2.29 USD1.351M494.391M USD−6.44 USD−587.29%0.00%Technology Services
TRMBTrimble Inc.
6.50%52.41 USD2.735M13.015B USD37.801.39 USD−32.28%0.00%Technology Services
ACSTAcasti Pharma, Inc.
6.50%2.95 USD324.619K21.972M USD−5.64 USD−282.75%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
INTRInter & Co. Inc.
6.42%3.98 USD137.126K1.599B USD127.970.03 USD0.00%Finance
6.34%7.04 USD37.001K8.78M USD−6.31 USD16.71%0.00%Commercial Services
MTRXMatrix Service Company
6.32%11.78 USD1.129M320.532M USD−1.94 USD18.93%0.00%Industrial Services
Strong Buy
STROSutro Biopharma, Inc.
6.25%3.57 USD335.611K216.082M USD−2.47 USD14.38%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
PLTRPalantir Technologies Inc.
6.20%15.77 USD66.587M33.934B USD−0.03 USD90.33%0.00%Technology Services
TSVT2seventy bio, Inc.
6.18%3.78 USD1.284M190.756M USD−4.27 USD42.37%0.00%Health Technology
FSRFisker Inc.
6.14%6.40 USD9.068M2.196B USD−1.65 USD−3.10%0.00%Consumer Durables
Friday 29th of September 2023 Biggest Losers
Biggest Stock Losers in USA — TradingView

US stocks that've tanked in value the most

Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light. If a stock is listed here then it is fallen, having significantly plummeted in share value. Sometimes this is a great and temporary 'dip' that investors can buy before making a profit on the rebound. Oftentimes though, the decline heralds a longer, more tortuous, rut for the company to claw itself out of. Whether you think it's the former or the latter will depend largely on your skills as a trader, and your faith in the fundamentals of these US companies.

Change % 1D
Volume 1D
Market cap
EPS diluted
EPS diluted growth %
Dividend yield %
Analyst Rating
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc
−62.61%2.06 USD1.273M3.026M USD−129.40 USD64.53%0.00%Electronic Technology
SPRCSciSparc Ltd.
−30.02%3.77 USD503.506K2.675M USD−1.33 USD−1322.39%0.00%Health Technology
SYBXSynlogic, Inc.
−24.45%3.16 USD310.601K19.141M USD−13.87 USD2.00%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
SJScienjoy Holding Corporation
−22.60%2.98 USD8.295M121.002M USD7.190.41 USD−38.77%0.00%Technology Services
GNSSGenasys Inc.
−19.53%2.06 USD1.382M76.593M USD−0.60 USD−1251.68%0.00%Electronic Technology
Strong Buy
GCTGigaCloud Technology Inc
−18.80%7.69 USD4.803M315.001M USD6.411.20 USD0.00%Distribution Services
Strong Buy
NEPNextEra Energy Partners, LP
−18.47%30.54 USD14.432M2.853B USD17.991.70 USD−61.71%8.80%Utilities
GFRGreenfire Resources Ltd.
−18.40%5.50 USD1.044M206.25M USD51.550.11 USD0.00%Energy Minerals
ACICAmerican Coastal Insurance Corporation
−17.51%7.38 USD2.43M320.123M USD−2.10 USD24.16%0.00%Finance
ACADACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.
−15.83%21.53 USD6.983M3.525B USD−0.68 USD46.13%0.00%Health Technology
GLUEMonte Rosa Therapeutics, Inc.
−14.95%4.78 USD262.452K236.054M USD−2.58 USD−28.03%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
VSECVSE Corporation
−14.28%50.42 USD371.131K793.802M USD20.152.50 USD10.20%0.68%Industrial Services
Strong Buy
EZFLEzFill Holdings, Inc.
−13.47%2.28 USD8.005K9.225M USD−4.55 USD−13.15%0.00%Technology Services
WORWorthington Industries, Inc.
−13.41%61.55 USD1.157M3.076B USD10.605.80 USD−6.12%1.74%Non-Energy Minerals
KMXCarMax Inc
−13.40%69.01 USD13.882M10.918B USD24.122.86 USD−42.26%0.00%Retail Trade
LFLYLeafly Holdings, Inc.
−13.33%6.18 USD30.315K12.797M USD20.770.30 USD0.00%Commercial Services
ANZUAnzu Special Acquisition Corp I
−13.23%5.64 USD110.887K84.249M USD564.000.01 USD−96.76%0.00%Finance
LOCLLocal Bounti Corporation
−13.13%2.25 USD17.311K18.513M USD−2.18 USD87.18%0.00%Finance
Strong Buy
TKNOAlpha Teknova, Inc.
−12.62%2.70 USD189.938K76.522M USD−1.84 USD−177.09%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
MPRAMercato Partners Acquisition Corporation
−12.50%9.10 USD115.508K91.458M USD−0.04 USD0.00%Finance
VMARVision Marine Technologies Inc.
−12.45%2.32 USD121.794K25.442M USD−1.77 USD−41.72%0.00%Consumer Durables
Strong Buy
XBIOXenetic Biosciences, Inc.
−12.03%4.97 USD8.761K7.617M USD−2.79 USD51.72%0.00%Health Technology
−10.77%2.17 USD137.711K10.152M USD−7.45 USD−799.40%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong Buy
−10.68%3.01 USD80.95K26.232M USD26.020.12 USD0.00%Technology Services
MDAISpectral AI, Inc.
−10.57%3.13 USD1.227M68.902M USD−0.26 USD−235.56%0.00%Technology Services
NISNNiSun Intl Enterprise Development Group Co, Ltd
−10.45%2.40 USD20.055K9.614M USD5.430.44 USD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
VIGLVigil Neuroscience, Inc.
−9.88%5.84 USD21.788K209.501M USD−2.04 USD79.27%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
ADILAdial Pharmaceuticals, Inc
−9.79%2.58 USD47.634K3.142M USD−9.84 USD49.87%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
BTAIBioXcel Therapeutics, Inc.
−9.12%2.49 USD868.408K72.875M USD−7.12 USD−63.26%0.00%Health Technology
BRBSBlue Ridge Bankshares, Inc.
−9.12%5.08 USD71.985K97.491M USD−0.47 USD−122.87%8.77%Finance
SIENSientra, Inc.
−9.09%2.60 USD178.281K29.289M USD−27.78 USD−494.59%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
UPTDTradeUP Acquisition Corp.
−8.79%9.96 USD74.344K21.597M USD−0.18 USD−44.10%0.00%Finance
ETONEton Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−8.76%4.27 USD248.464K109.54M USD−0.01 USD97.30%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
LIXTLixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc.
−8.68%2.00 USD18.634K4.499M USD−3.69 USD18.67%0.00%Health Technology
INBXInhibrx, Inc.
−8.58%18.21 USD276.693K795.197M USD−4.05 USD−41.63%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
CVACCureVac N.V.
−8.58%6.50 USD3.654M1.455B USD−1.55 USD−15.60%0.00%Health Technology
HIPOHippo Holdings Inc.
−8.57%8.00 USD165.039K189.323M USD−16.00 USD−46.33%0.00%Finance
WDAYWorkday, Inc.
−8.49%211.22 USD9.196M55.34B USD−0.48 USD38.17%0.00%Technology Services
WKSPWorksport, Ltd.
−8.41%2.07 USD393.711K36.094M USD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong Buy
LTRNLantern Pharma Inc.
−8.24%3.45 USD11.536K37.498M USD−1.31 USD10.89%0.00%Health Technology
OCUPOcuphire Pharma, Inc.
−7.94%3.48 USD791.032K73.108M USD4.110.85 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
FOLDAmicus Therapeutics, Inc.
−7.92%11.86 USD7.354M3.405B USD−0.64 USD35.36%0.00%Health Technology
VERAVera Therapeutics, Inc.
−7.77%13.88 USD665.105K615.14M USD−3.33 USD−38.45%0.00%Health Technology
PWUPPowerUp Acquisition Corp.
−7.61%10.07 USD10290.542M USD43.970.23 USD45700.00%0.00%Finance
WHLMWilhelmina International, Inc.
−7.48%3.85 USD56419.848M USD9.860.39 USD−28.99%0.00%Commercial Services
FFWMFirst Foundation Inc.
−7.24%5.89 USD1.377M332.454M USD−2.79 USD−212.90%4.09%Finance
TISITeam, Inc.
−7.11%7.19 USD44.777K31.409M USD0.3719.34 USD0.00%Commercial Services
CPSCooper-Standard Holdings Inc.
−7.10%12.03 USD540.55K206.886M USD−16.19 USD13.42%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
TBPHTheravance Biopharma, Inc.
−7.10%8.38 USD456.266K442.574M USD−3.75 USD−174.91%0.00%Health Technology
POAIPredictive Oncology Inc.
−7.01%3.05 USD22.153K12.287M USD−4.89 USD39.39%0.00%Health Technology
ERASErasca, Inc.
−6.91%2.02 USD501.625K305.107M USD−1.79 USD−44.47%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
LWLGLightwave Logic, Inc.
−6.90%4.45 USD943.298K518.254M USD−0.18 USD−2.74%0.00%Process Industries
RSIRush Street Interactive, Inc.
−6.90%4.59 USD1.119M1.019B USD−0.43 USD31.89%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong Buy
AMPSAltus Power, Inc.
−6.89%5.00 USD1.834M794.95M USD−0.12 USD−135.31%0.00%Utilities
Strong Buy
DATSDatChat, Inc.
−6.84%2.66 USD46.447K7.276M USD−5.27 USD31.73%0.00%Technology Services
CLVTClarivate Plc
−6.79%6.73 USD10.038M4.551B USD−6.41 USD−1574.54%0.00%Commercial Services
CATOCato Corporation (The)
−6.68%7.82 USD440.747K161.009M USD−0.08 USD−116.90%8.11%Retail Trade
RLMDRelmada Therapeutics, Inc.
−6.67%2.94 USD132.184K88.492M USD−4.29 USD38.52%0.00%Health Technology
AESThe AES Corporation
−6.59%14.88 USD10.088M9.964B USD−0.61 USD−6.19%4.12%Utilities
INZYInozyme Pharma, Inc.
−6.53%4.22 USD784.535K260.808M USD−1.58 USD36.66%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
YTRAYatra Online, Inc.
−6.51%2.01 USD229.077K119.854M USD−0.06 USD45.04%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong Buy
ARCTArcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc.
−6.47%25.44 USD389.638K676.667M USD8.802.89 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
GTECGreenland Technologies Holding Corporation
−6.39%3.37 USD78.395K43.738M USD10.450.32 USD−21.03%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong Buy
HOFVHall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company
−6.38%5.87 USD45.748K33.293M USD−11.25 USD−257.99%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong Buy
PFMTPerformant Financial Corporation
−6.36%2.21 USD188.258K168.155M USD−0.13 USD0.91%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong Buy
VIAVia Renewables, Inc.
−6.33%7.25 USD15.849K52.426M USD−3.41 USD−187.28%46.83%Utilities
GRPHGraphite Bio, Inc.
−6.32%2.37 USD500.36K137.413M USD−2.29 USD−47.74%0.00%Health Technology
AIBAIB Acquisition Corporation
−6.28%11.20 USD2.003K40.64M USD−0.02 USD35.25%0.00%Finance
WISHContextLogic Inc.
−6.26%4.19 USD606.225K99.647M USD−12.19 USD−22.93%0.00%Retail Trade
Strong Sell
UNFIUnited Natural Foods, Inc.
−6.26%13.77 USD1.608M805.544M USD40.690.34 USD−91.67%0.00%Distribution Services
MNMDMind Medicine (MindMed) Inc.
−6.25%3.30 USD778.924K131.066M USD−2.10 USD−48.09%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
VNDAVanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.
−6.24%4.36 USD835.802K250.738M USD16.740.26 USD36.62%0.00%Health Technology
IHRTiHeartMedia, Inc.
−5.99%3.14 USD806.583K386.751M USD−8.96 USD−1657.56%0.00%Consumer Services
RVYLRyvyl Inc.
−5.90%3.19 USD39.909K16.718M USD−11.74 USD−105.25%0.00%Technology Services
ELOXEloxx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
−5.89%4.63 USD14.949K14.16M USD−11.22 USD45.13%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
INTGThe Intergroup Corporation
−5.88%32.00 USD3.721K70.608M USD−1.31 USD−696.12%0.00%Consumer Services
KLG/IWK Kellogg Co
−5.88%16.00 USD525Consumer Non-Durables
HUDIHuadi International Group Co., Ltd.
−5.78%3.26 USD66.995K46.42M USD13.120.25 USD0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
AONCAmerican Oncology Network, Inc.
−5.72%10.38 USD211.544K105.716M USD−0.03 USD−117.20%0.00%Health Services
BAOSBaosheng Media Group Holdings Limited
−5.71%4.62 USD18.355K7.089M USD−12.73 USD0.00%Commercial Services
MLYSMineralys Therapeutics, Inc.
−5.58%9.30 USD241.477K379.967M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
XPROExpro Group Holdings N.V.
−5.57%23.40 USD2.717M2.545B USD−0.02 USD98.81%0.00%Energy Minerals
BAFNBayFirst Financial Corp.
−5.44%11.30 USD8.609K46.373M USD34.160.33 USD−51.17%2.68%Finance
RANIRani Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
−5.36%2.65 USD42.346K131.567M USD−1.38 USD−34.16%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
URGNUroGen Pharma Ltd.
−5.30%14.29 USD449.621K432.742M USD−4.68 USD7.24%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
KTRAKintara Therapeutics, Inc.
−5.24%3.98 USD8.044K6.927M USD−9.41 USD66.38%0.00%Health Technology
NVFYNova Lifestyle, Inc
−5.22%2.54 USD9773.733M USD−8.77 USD38.54%0.00%Consumer Durables
FORRForrester Research, Inc.
−5.21%29.46 USD84.638K565.986M USD113.530.26 USD−83.64%0.00%Commercial Services
VIEWView, Inc.
−5.21%7.28 USD5.765K29.423M USD−15.19 USD83.94%0.00%Process Industries
HRYUHanryu Holdings, Inc.
−5.20%5.10 USD16.177K269.324M USD0.00%Technology Services
NAPAThe Duckhorn Portfolio, Inc.
−5.20%11.12 USD2.949M1.282B USD18.510.60 USD14.89%0.00%Distribution Services
UTZUtz Brands Inc
−5.17%13.56 USD833.6K1.905B USD3988.240.00 USD−97.14%1.57%Consumer Non-Durables
FNCBFNCB Bancorp Inc. Common Stock
−5.17%6.14 USD60.991K121.435M USD7.640.80 USD−21.58%5.56%Finance
VSTMVerastem, Inc.
−5.13%8.32 USD97.084K210.086M USD−4.40 USD13.94%0.00%Health Technology
Strong Buy
PGRUPropertyGuru Group Limited
−5.13%3.70 USD43.809K601.547M USD−0.13 USD88.99%0.00%Technology Services
IDNIntellicheck, Inc.
−5.08%2.24 USD37.936K43.226M USD−0.18 USD27.54%0.00%Technology Services
SEEDOrigin Agritech Limited
−5.05%3.48 USD52.331K21.91M USD−0.22 USD91.29%0.00%Process Industries
PAVSParanovus Entertainment Technology Ltd.
−5.03%3.21 USD13.608K23.552M USD−13.72 USD0.00%Health Technology
RGCRegencell Bioscience Holdings Limited
−5.00%14.25 USD1.607K185.433M USD0.00%Health Technology
NAUTNautilus Biotechnology, Inc.
−4.98%3.05 USD58.667K381.039M USD−0.47 USD5.77%0.00%Health Technology
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